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Artist Listing – Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Getting Found and Recognized

Every musician looking for work should have a presence on the web that is unmistakably theirs, and theirs alone. Not creating a visible web presence is like having a house with no front porch or no front door. People don’t know how to get in!

The Artist Listing enables musicians to create their own web page which features their bio, photos, videos, and links to their social media, Soundcloud, Bandcamp or whatever. A web page with this information can be easily shared electronically for promotional purposes, and is often called an EPK (Electronic Press Kit).

Features of the Artist EPK Package:

  • unique URL
  • unlimited updates and edits
  • complete control of page contents
  • 6 images
  • video embeds
  • social media links
  • other links
  • 3 file uploads (hi-res images, PDFs, jpgs)