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Bel Canto Strings Students Have Some Scary Fun With Music


Three ensembles participated in the Walking Dead video: the Chamber Orchestra (our advanced ensemble of highschool students), the Senior Orchestra (middle school and highschool students) and the Adult Orchestra (amateur adult musicians). All 3 groups spent part of their fall lessons (5 weeks in Sept and Oct) learning the Walking Dead theme song in their respective ensembles. On the video shoot day(s), group members came dressed in Zombie costumes to perform the piece and film a few “walking dead” acting scenes.

The Monster Mash video was prepared by four ensembles, the Beginner and Junior Orchestras and Guitar Classes. The Junior Orchestra (elementary aged students) learned the Monster Mash music and are performing the music played in the video. The beginner violinists and guitar classes came in costume to participate in the dancing scenes only.

Video footage was all shot by me (the conductor and head instructor at Bel Canto) on a personal video camera, and edited by my brother Michael Spleit, an engineer in Montreal, in his weekend spare time.

We had lots of fun preparing these Halloween-themed videos, and hope you enjoy watching them!

Sincerely, Jennifer Spleit
Bel Canto Strings Academy