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Boomerang by Gavin O’Sullivan


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Gavin O’Sullivan’s YouTube Channel
GAVIN O’SULLIVAN has returned to his native city of Hamilton Ontario (via Vancouver, B.C.) with a refreshed approach to his acoustic folk buzz rock! He’s brought with him a whole new selection of songs inspired by his experiences on the West Coast. Songs woven with sing-along, hooky melodies and honest, heartfelt lyrics. This collection of songs has become The Boomerang Project; His plan to share his story by releasing a song and accompanying music video once a month for the remainder of 2019. The Boomerang Project showcases Gavin’s maturity as a songwriter. Before leaving Hamilton, he had played in rock and punk bands (The Rayburns, All Good Children). Now, with a renewed focus on songwriting, Gavin lets his lyrics and melodies tell his story. Recorded at various studios in the Hamilton area, The Boomerang Project features contributions from 20+ area musicians including Greg Brisco, Russ Wilson, Glen Marshall, Deeps, Brennagh Burns, Duke and Steve Foster, Bill Majoros, Wayne Crews and Steve Pelletier. The first song, Boomerang (recorded at the Mule Spinner / Cotton factory), was produced by Glen Marshall and shares Gavin’s fresh new perspective; a returning home and a revitalization of his true love for writing and playing music. Joined by Bill Majoros (Foreign Films / Flux A.D.) and Deeps, Gavin continues to flesh out his sound with full instrumentation and sonic experimentation. The video for Boomerang filmed by Melodic Pixel Media captures Gavin’s rediscovery of Hamilton’s charm. Set against a cold winter backdrop, Gavin shares his music with audiences throughout the steel city.


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Boomerang will be available on MARCH 29 2019 through Spotify and iTunes.