Event Listing Service

How Exciting When People Pay Attention!

That’s why we created our Event Listing Service – we know how you feel about your music and your audiences, and we know how exciting it is when your performance is standing room only.

We’ll track all your shows

  • We fetch your event information however you like:
    • emails
    • texts
    • your website
    • your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    • your Google Calendar
    • phone calls, (gasp) or voice mail

We’ll enlarge your publicity platform

  • A dedicated page on this site
  • Sharing of your events on our Twitter feed @ghmusician
  • Sharing of your events on our Facebook feed @hamiltonmusician

We’ll be a super fan

  • helping to build your audience and advance your music

Let’s do this!


To set up an Event Listing account with us, or to inquire further, send an email.

To read the Event Listing Agreement click here.

Or use our free event listing platform…

Submit your own event at no charge, click hereThere is no limit to the number of events you can post.