Event Listing Service

Get your events listed and shared for as low as 79 cents each*

Your performance is standing room only: That’s why we created our Event Listing Service.

More eyeballs.

Don’t waste your time duplicating your work, especially if you have already posted your event. Event Listing Service does the work of amplifying your publicity by fetching your event information and posting it on our popular, smartphone-friendly platform.

We’ll track and post your shows.

  • We fetch your event information however you like:
    • emails
    • texts
    • your website
    • your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    • your Google Calendar
    • phone calls, (gasp) or voice mail

We’ll amplify your publicity.

We’ll be your super-fan in Greater Hamilton

  • we will help build your audience and advance your music
  • we will give you special consideration if you want an extra post, pre-show announcement or in-show review

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Starting at $79 plus HST for 100 event listings (79 cents apiece), gathered from you and posted by us. (In other words, you don’t do any extra work.)

 Full price list here.

For more information contact us.

Event Listing Agreement click here.

Or use our free event listing platform.

There is no limit to the number of events you can post on your own. If you set up an account with us, then you can go back and edit your events. This is also a free feature. This will allow you to manage and edit your event listings, forever.

* Random Events Hot package: up to 100 events per year max. $79 one time annual payment, plus HST.