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Thanks to local artist and promoter Dre Pao for his generous contributions to our podcast series. Check out his work at https://www.drepaomusic.com/

Music Supervisor Dondrea Erauw of Instinct Entertainment Talks About Song Syncs, The Role of a Music Supervisor, Tips for Artists, and MORE!

“At the end of the day, it’s important for artists to stay true to their art…When artists are more genuine to what they want to write about, that tends to be what we end up licensing…because it’s natural, and it doesn’t feel forced.” — Dondrea Erauw

Brandon Bizior Talks About Canadian Music Week, Hamilton, Songwriting, The Music Industry & MORE!

Real Talk with Dre Pao – Brandon Bizior Presented by: Greater Hamilton Musician HAMILTON, ON — Greater Hamilton Musician is dedicated to highlighting some of the top artists from the city that will be performing at this year’s Canadian Music Week. Hamilton-born recording artist Brandon Bizior combines songwriting influences ranging from Aerosmith to Bruce Springsteen […]

Gabrielle Giroux of ‘The Wolfe’ Talks about CBC Searchlight Top 4 and MORE!

The Wolfe’s CBC Searchlight song submission titled “Dumb Dog” is a catchy tune that brings light to a relatively serious topic in a fun way. Guitarist/Vocalist Gabrielle Giroux explained that being in an all-girl band has had its challenges. The song touches upon various obstacles that the band had to overcome in order to prove themselves.

Jazz Artist Heather Bambrick Talks About Her JUNO Nomination, New Song Mash-Up, Diversity, Education, & MORE!

Heather Bambrick’s 2017 JUNO nomination for “Best Vocal Jazz Album of the Year” is no surprise to jazz fans and music lovers across the country. The Canadian jazz artist recently released her first album in 10 years and is quickly reminding the nation that she continues to stand out, evolve, and progress as an artist. Her recent collaboration with fellow nominees Barbra Lica and Matt Dusk truly show her diversity and ability to transform genres.

Jazz Artist Barbra Lica Talks About Her New Pop Mash-Up, 2017 JUNO Nomination, Hamilton’s Loyalty, and MORE!

When asked about Hamilton, the Canadian jazz singer says that she “loves this town” because of how loyal the music fans are. Barbra has performed multiple times in Ancaster and says she would absolutely love to come back to the city in the near future. She explains that she has had Hamilton fans follow her around Ontario in order to show their support, and even had some fans travel as far as Aurora in order to sit in the front row.

JUNO Nominated Jazz Artist Matt Dusk Talks About His Newly Released Song ‘Mash-Up’, The 2017 JUNO Awards, Meeting The Queen, and More!

This year, Matt is nominated for “Vocal Jazz Album of the Year” for his album ‘Quiet Nights’, which he created in collaboration with Canadian artist Florence K. Matt described that he set out to create a record that was “easy going”, and aimed to create something that you could play at dinner parties.

Hamilton Musicians Gather at ‘YogaFest: Equinox II’ to Celebrate Mindfulness and Discuss the Importance of Uniting the Community

HAMILTON, ON — YogaFest is a festival that originated in Hamilton, Ontario, that is dedicated to uniting all individuals in order to celebrate mindfulness, health, positivity, and artistic expression. Hosted this year at the Burlington Convention Centre, the festival was divided into three rooms — the ‘Yoga Garden’, a room celebrating meditation, and another specifically dedicated to local vendors and musicians.

Sabrina from 99.9FM Virgin Radio Talks About Her Journey as a Radio Host and Her Hamilton Roots! Real Talk with Dre Pao

Dre Pao interviews Real Talk guest: Radio Host Sabrina of 99.9 Virgin Radio Toronto. Sabrina … admits that there was a bit of a difference between campus radio and working for Bell Media, however she believes that the transition would not have gone so smoothly without the great people at Mohawk.

Gary Vaynerchuk: Tips to Make Hamilton the #1 Music City in Canada

Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee) — “Real Talk” with Dre Pao Presented by: Greater Hamilton Musician February 12, 2017 HAMILTON, ON — Social media personality and “business guru” Gary Vaynerchuk originally found success through building a 60-million-dollar wine business and launching the first YouTube channel dedicated to critiquing various brands of wine. Today, ‘Gary V’ is one […]

Have You Been To The Real “Barber” Shop? The Best Screen In Town

Listen everyone. This is simple. If you haven’t been to see what Kevin Barber is up to on his web and podcast series on Hamilton music and musicians… you’re just waaaay out of the loop. Exactly like I was 24 hours ago, until Kevin himself set me straight and told me to go check it […]