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Gareth Inkster Releases ‘Vermilion’


Gareth Inkster is a 27 year old singer-songwriter, session musician, performer, engineer/producer and music teacher living in Hamilton, Ontario. Having spent the better part of the past 8 years performing and recording extensively with other artists, in 2018 Inkster released his debut single and followed it up with an eight song EP and three more singles, all within 13 months. To-date, each release has received extensive blog coverage and radio play.

Two years ago, Inkster began the transitioning process of making music a full-time endeavour.

The recent release of ‘Vermilion’ features Gareth playing a gentle, static chordal texture on piano to accompany his soothing and subtle vocals. As the song develops we hear lots of tasteful piano decorations added in to sweeten the mix.

In Vermilion Inskter explores some beautiful ideas which really fit together well. The use of his vocal falsetto really adds to the experience! The song ends too abruptly; I would have loved to hear another two or three minutes at least.

Check it out here: