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ORMTA First Class Honours Recital and Awards Presentation

Sunday, February 26th
St. Matthew on-the-Plains Church, Burlington

I have a theory that music recitals are like a good meal; if you wait to the end you’ll get a special musical treat for dessert.
Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth and want to get to the good stuff first? Nevertheless, we’re taught to be disciplined and to wait until the end of the meal for the sweetest part.
I wasn’t disappointed on February 26th when students of the ORMTA Hamilton-Halton Chapter presented a smorgasbord of music, full of treats. And true to my theory, the last dishes served were substantial and sweet. I left with a smile on my face, my musical appetite awakened and my mind made up that I wanted more!
The First Class Honours Recital of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association, Hamilton-Halton Branch was held at St. Matthew’s Church, Burlington. The venue is equipped with a very nice grand piano and comfortable seating. It’s the perfect place for an informal, family-oriented musical event.
The developing talent of our next generation of musicians was on display in its various stages of development. Several students distinguished themselves by receiving awards. Others entertained the audience with exciting and nearly perfect performances. Some managed to do both. And while every child’s performance had something special to note, an elite group remained, who, through their natural propensity and hard work, managed to really shine.
A few highlights stood out to me, many of them from the vocal students. Alexandra Clementi lit the place up with her sunny disposition and her confidence as she sang Dinosaurs, written by her vocal teacher and well-published composer Linda Fletcher. Julia Pulo sang Cara Mamma with lots of excitement in her facial expression and just the right amount of body language to bring the Italian folksong to life. Sara Guiducci presented a beautiful, reflective song entitled To The Sky. Its lovely lyrics took me away.
Spirit fly to a place on high
Softly now with the dawn
I go with thee
A number of the piano selections evoked nature scenes, animal behaviour or imaginary characters. Worth noting because of their clarity and expression were Roland Filler’s Crazy Comics, Sophie Huang’s Lyre Bird, Matt Gula’s River Flows In You, and Andrea Kedves’ Jane’s Song.
Our sweet dessert was served by Phillip Darley and Emily Qiu. They each performed a piece by Chopin. Darley, a grade four student from Hamilton, performed Waltz in C Sharp Minor, Op. 64 with smoothly flowing runs and uncommonly precise rhythms for a boy his age. He also did very well at executing the quieter section. Qui performed Etude No. 1, Op. 25. She capably achieved the aim of the etude, which is to bring out the melody line that is shared between two hands.
The experienced and highly qualified teachers of the Hamilton-Halton chapter have cultivated a positive and enriching learning environment across the region, with the beneficiaries being the young musicians see here today.
Congratulations to all the students, their parents and their teachers.
Learn more about the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association, Hamilton-Halton Chapter at www.hamiltonhaltonormta.org.