SOCAN Mini-Survey from August 2017: Live Music and Urban Canadians


This is a quick mini-survey of 1080 Canadians living in urban centres conducted by SOCAN.

Three questions were asked, and respondents rated on a scale how strongly they agreed with each:

  1. It is important to me to live in a  neighborhood with a vibrant local arts scene that includes live music.
  2. I would support a portion of “new property development” funds going to community arts & culture  developments (such as local theatres or  live music venues).
  3. I would enjoy owning and living in a hip,  modern condo that offered live music in  the lobby of a building I live in.

That’s it. Three questions. To see the results click below.

Here is the link to download the article from SOCAN’s website

Were you surprised at the results?