Songwriters Association of Canada Announces Playlist on Spotify


Now listen to tracks written entirely by S.A.C. members all in one place. The new S.A.C. playlist is a showcase of our members’ music in regularly featured episodes.  Each episode will share music from a variety of sources including members’ new releases, new co-writes, selections from member profiles and their Spotify playlists. In order to find and follow the S.A.C. playlist you must have a Spotify account and be logged in. There are three easy ways to be included in the S.A.C. playlist:

1. You must have your music on Spotify. For a step by step on a curated Spotify playlist, click here.

2. Submit your Spotify songs to the S.A.C. playlist.

3. Do you have a new release coming up? Put your new release date under our Release Radar before it drops!

New episodes will be appear on the homepage and regularly on our socials. Here is a sneak preview of Episode 1.