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Getting People To Shows

Hamilton Musician Media has designed a music listing service that is a single, unified listing platform for everyone to use. It is powerful because it is attended to on a daily basis by real people who care about what’s going on.

I have often heard music people wish for “one single giant calendar” that has everything on it, so that musical groups can plan their concert dates without creating unnecessary conflicts. I’ve also heard venue owners say that, despite their best efforts to market their shows to potential audiences, there isn’t one well-known place that everyone agrees will be The Place where everything can be found.

As well as getting listed on The Place, venue owners also need to make sure that their events get listed consistently, tagged appropriately, and promoted across social media. Hamilton Musician Media has packaged these tasks into its Venue Listing Service, which it does for a reasonable fee.

On a month-by-month basis, the fee is $20/month

On an annual basis, the fee is $199/year

The Venue Listing Service consists of:

  • a business listing in the Hamilton Music Directory
  • receiving your event information on your preferred platform if you are already using one, or
  • setting up a system for receiving your event information
  • event listings editable by you or by us
  • we use your poster images or other digital properties such as photography or videos
  • we help publicize your events using our social media accounts