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Teenage Head Live at Gage Park, 2008 YouTube

video Posted by BOYDWILSONFILMS on YouTube. TEENAGE HEAD at the Y108 Rock N Roll Picnic; Gage Park,...

Junestone Kicks Covid to the Curb with “Operate On My Heart”...

JUNESTONE 's latest release is fully masked, socially distanced and category-free. Creative lead for the group is Olivia Brown with talent in all four corners! Junestone is now The Hammer's best evidence to celebrate that music is not dead, and to give us a well-needed excuse to have some fun.

Hamilton Artist DJ GEE Talks New Album, ‘The Industry Nightmare’

The turntablism industry is in for a rude awakening - and Ontario artist DJ GEE, is promising to be the one to do it. The Canadian DJ is on a mission to wake the music industry from the “nightmare” it’s currently in, with his upcoming sixth studio album, ‘The Industry Nightmare’, releasing later this year on YGRECORDS and DJGEETV.

Terra Lightfoot records album in iconic Memphis studio Consider The Speed is Terra Lightfoot's newest release

Australian singer-songwriter Alex Lahey pens open letter to Victorian Premier, seeking...

From By Geordie Gray “How do we ensure artists like myself survive this crisis and not lose our presence nationally and internationally? How do we make sure our musicians don’t disappear? How do we provide more immediate financial support so they can perhaps work on other projects? How do we ensure their health and wellbeing — particularly their mental health — is not overlooked?”

Lounge room [and private] gigs create ‘unique experience’ for music fans

From Excellent walk-through of the changes and adaptations live music clubs will be dealing with as reopening post-pandemic takes place.

What will live music look like after the pandemic? Don’t expect...

ABC News: Emilia Terzon
Music industry coverage from Australian context on Melbourne Australia is a city regarded as the live music capital of the world — Melbourne has more live music venues per capita than anywhere else.

40 Year Flashback: July 26, 1980

R.P.M. Magazine Top Singles Martha and the Muffins, Echo Beach, #7Burton Cummings, Fine State of Affairs, #11Doug and the...

40 Year Flashback: July 19, 1978

Martha and the Muffins, Echo Beach, #10 after 12 weeksBurton Cummings, Fine State of Affairs, #13 after 9 weeksToo Bad,...

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