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Brian Lee Griffith Guitar Bursary


The Brian Lee Griffith Guitar Bursary is intended to support a student of the guitar who currently plays and has a talent for improvisation.

In memory of Brian Griffith, the bursary is intended to foster Rock, Jazz, Funk and Blues inspired music.

The applicant must reside, play, and/or go to school in the Hamilton area.

If the applicant is one of three finalists, they must agree to audition, if necessary, in front of at least two judges by signing in the space provided on the application form.

The applicant must submit the completed application form, a letter of reference, and 1 CD containing a sample of their work between two and four minutes long and an audio link to the following street address and email address respectively.

Applications must be post marked no later than February 28th 2016.

For more information, please email Eudena Luther at eudena@sympatico.ca

Application forms for the the Brian Lee Griffith Guitar Bursary are available online at this link:

To make a donation to the Brian Lee Griffith Guitar Bursary fund, use this link: