Catching the Spirit of Music at Fishers Pier 4, Hamilton

Banned From Heaven Hosts Jam Night

I had the distinct pleasure of playing with these guys at Hamilton’s James Street North Fisher’s Pier 4 Pub and Grub last Friday. It was Jam Night – now a monthly event at the joint – and thanks to my not-shy friend adding my name to the list I soon found myself in the drummer’s chair.

Mike McCurlie on guitar knows his axe up and down, switching off to mandolin as well and fitting in seamlessly with Wayne Krawchuk on rhythm. Joe Gravina on drums, Mick Northcott on bass, Ron Cole on keys and accordian all are more than capable, and enjoying their music. But what sticks with me is that the whole band looks comfortable on stage. They’ve got the showmanship piece of performance together, and it’s instantly noticeable. You can read their full story and pick up their CD on their website.

All the best boys! Keep doin’ what cher doin!

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