Photographer Ivan Sorensen Tells It Like It Is: R5 Screams Through First Ontario Place and “I Underestimated This Band. Badly.”

by Ivan Sorensen

R5 swept into town on Monday night to play in front of 5,000 screaming fans at First Ontario Place. And scream they did!

Riker Lynch, bass/vocals 

“There are so many crazy things happening every day,” says Riker. “Not everybody had a nice upbringing like we did. But if someone is feeling down, and then they listen to our music and come to our shows, hopefully for that one night they can forget their problems and feel like nothing else matters. Let’s just enjoy one another and just have an awesome time together.”

Rydel Lynch, keyboards/vocals 

“We love each other so much,” adds Rydel. “We’re best friends.”

There is a finite amount of critiquing that can be done when we only are allocated the space of the first three songs to photograph, especially when we are limited to shooting from the soundboard.

I fully expected the standard teeny-bopper and bubble-gum type of music and presentation. I underestimated this band. Badly. Despite a full house of screaming young kids, R5 hit the stage with a polished act and a solid groove that belies their current target demographic.

Ross Lynch, lead vocals/guitar

These young musicians have developed a full, rich sound and presentation that I predict, will very soon see them at the top of more mature music charts.


My advice? Do not feel intimidated by the plethora of youngsters at an R5 concert. This is a temporary condition I’m sure will change in the very near future.

Rocky Lynch, guitar/vocals
All photos by Ivan Sorensen. Used with permission.
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