Some Photos of the Harrison Kennedy Benefit: Ivan Sorensen, Photographer

Yesterday’s fundraiser at the Citadel Theatre on  Rebecca Street served up an overflowing helping of local talent and great music. The afternoon acts ended up playing to a very small audience, but their performances were well-documented in photo and video. Here is a collection of Ivan Sorensen’s work. Ivan has the experience and patience to find just the right angle and situation that captures the essence of the moment during a musical performance. Thank you Ivan for your permission to publish these documents.

Alfie Smith
Photo: Ivan Sorensen
Frank Koren
Photo: Ivan Sorensen
Johnny and Shari
Photo: Ivan Sorensen
Loralee McGuirl
Photo: Ivan Sorensen

You can view more of Ivan’s samples on his website here.

Read about bluesman Alfie Smith’s performance and watch a video here.

Read how Hachey the MouthPEACE acted like a true pro here.

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