Australian singer-songwriter Alex Lahey pens open letter to Victorian Premier, seeking support for the...

From By Geordie Gray “How do we ensure artists like myself survive this crisis and not lose our presence nationally and internationally? How do we make sure our musicians don’t disappear? How do we provide more immediate financial support so they can perhaps work on other projects? How do we ensure their health and wellbeing — particularly their mental health — is not overlooked?”

Lounge room [and private] gigs create ‘unique experience’ for music fans

From Excellent walk-through of the changes and adaptations live music clubs will be dealing with as reopening post-pandemic takes place.
ABC News: Emilia Terzon

What will live music look like after the pandemic? Don’t expect a dance floor.

Music industry coverage from Australian context on Melbourne Australia is a city regarded as the live music capital of the world — Melbourne has more live music venues per capita than anywhere else.
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Save Tonight by D1DO ft. Christine C. Costa

Released April 10 2020. The official song & music video for the original single, Save Tonight! 🎶 Created during the global...