Showtime For Hamilton’s Music Strategy

The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce is hosting a special Ambitious City event next Thursday evening at the Lincoln Alexander Centre. The goals of the Ambitious City series is to “provide city-building advice in the 21st century to shake up the status quo and build up our economy” in the words of Keanan Loomis, Chair of the Chamber of Commerce.

“We have a rich history and heritage of music going back over a century,” says Jeff Martin, co-chair of the City’s Music Strategy Implementation Team.

“When we speak about a Music City it’s in a formal sense. We have an amazing community, and a rich history, and we need to put the pieces together,” says Madeline Wilson, co-chair of the City’s Music Strategy Implementation Team.


Some facts about Hamilton’s music scene you may not know:

  • Hamilton now has a Live Venue Alliance consisting of 103 local live music venues
  • Music at the present brings job creation, talent attraction and retention to our city
  • Hamilton has an authentic basis for calling itself “a city of music”
  • Hamilton has a rich folk music history, but it’s really the diversity of Hamilton’s scene that validates the case for being called a music city
  • Hamilton is known within the music industry, brings a degree of respect and recognition
  • The supporting tourism sectors such as restaurants, performance venues, hotels, scenic destinations are already in place and well-activiated; the opportunity to grow the music sector is now!

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