Caretakers CD Launch Party @ The Casbah

The Caretakers CD Release @ The Casbah with Adam Bentley

I love it when Adam does a solo show, he’s so “Atmospheric” on his own.

City and The Sea; Fabulous acoustic set, a first for me and a real musical treat.

Mike Trebilcock & The LoHeels; some great rockin’ tunes. Cheers Guys.

The Caretakers’ with their performance of seletions from “Love, War and Propaganda” created some real magic on stage. Jeff and Lena’s voices blended together to produce some great harmonies and backed by a stellar band they just couldn’t miss. I swayed and bopped and applauded song after song. Some rocked “Love Always Happens,” and “Flowers for Peace” and some made ya feel glad with the whimsical “I’m the Happiest Man” avec ukeleles. And then some songs were just plain mesmerizing with songs like “Just like California” and “Daddy Laughed,” but then again that could have just meant I had one too many.

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