Happy New Year With Brian Berneker’s Auld Lang Syne 2013

Copyright © 2012 Brian Berneker

Harmonica:  Luigi Campanella
Vocals: Robin Benedict, Missy Bauman, Ellie Ketsetzis, Emmett Sherlock, Melinda Morton, Maggie Ciere
Lead Guitar/ Vocals: Dean Irvine
Rhythm Guitar: John M Crawford
Bass Guitar: Criss Stone
Saxophone: Parag Chakravarti
Holiday Dancers: Bree Walker and Ashley Oliver

also featuring: “The Dancin’ Guy” Jed Lifeson

Video Produced by: Brian Berneker
Camera: Brian Berneker
Editor/Post Production: Brian Berneker
Music Arrangement of “Auld Lang Syne” by: Nathan Fleet
Sound Mix by: Nathan Fleet

Shot entirely in Hamilton, Ontario

Special Thanks to: Wojtec Matweiczyk

From the YouTube page, written by Brian Berneker:
Brian Berneker (centre), Nathn Fleet (right)
Photo by Joanna St. Jacques

What do a host of Hamilton area musicians have in common with Robert Burns, Gore Park and Hamilton’s own “Dancin’ Guy”? All of them feature prominently in this year’s Auld Lang Syne video, created by Hamilton area producer Brian Berneker with help from Hamilton music composer Nathan Fleet.

Berneker, a photographer and video enthusiast, produces the video each year at his own expense as a gesture to the Hamilton music scene. In its third year, this video has become a public service announcement, a new year’s celebration, a talent showcase, and an annual yearbook of artist snapshots. As each video is released, previous incarnations are fast becoming a time capsule of Hamilton musical talent.

The video celebrates Hamilton and Hamilton artists while ushering in the new year to an original interpretation of the Robert Burns classic “Auld Lang Syne.” With this year’s installment, the video features a blues styled interpretation of the old-time classic, performed in various locations around Hamilton downtown, tied together with a special appearance by Jed Lifeson, also known as “The Dancin’ Guy”.

Hamilton residents may know of Jed as “the guy who dances around downtown to his MP3 player,” which would be an accurate description of what he does. Since Jed starting dancing everywhere he goes a few years ago, he’s become a bit of a folk hero and by some is considered to be Hamilton’s ambassador for happiness.

Artists on this year’s video include HMA award winner Dean Irvine (Dawn Before Descent) performing a scorching electric guitar solo, vocals by Missy Bauman (HMA best new artist), Robin Benedict, Ellie Ketsetzis, Emmett Sherlock, Melinda Morton and Maggie Ciere as well as harmonica player extraordinaire Luigi Campanella, sax by Parag Chakravarti, bass by Criss Stone and rhythm guitar by John M Crawford. The video also features special appearances by recent SUNshine girls Bree Walker and Ashley Oliver.

This year’s Auld Lang Syne video is the first one since its inception to have been dedicated to anyone. Massimo Rosati, a passionate advocate of healthy living and friend of Berneker passed away unexpectedly only a few days before the video was to be released. Given the sentiment and original purpose of Auld Lang Syne as a dirge, Berneker felt it would be appropriate to make the gesture of dedicating this year’s video to him.

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