David Story Picks Up The Sticks at Aebersold Jazz Workshop, Part 3: Why do we practice music nobody likes?

I got one answer here in Louisville Kentucky. I’m surrounded by jazz fans who play, obsessive amateurs whose life revolves around playing the music they love.

  1. Doctors
  2. Truck drivers
  3. Retirees
  4. Music teachers
  5. Pastry makers (no kidding)
  6. Software engineers
  7. Lawyers
  8. Students
  9. Professional musicians looking for their mojo: cats who used to play
  10. Nurses

Ultimately, I guess that is what motivates us all deep down.

Today’s playing update

The drummers got to play with a professional rhythm section, on stage, unrehearsed. My tune was “There Will Never Be Another You”. I got through it with most of my dignity intact.

David Story

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David Story at drum kit
David Story
Piano Teacher, “50+ Drummer”


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