David Story Picks Up The Sticks at Aebersold Jazz Workshop Part 2: Rescuing Dignity

First day of playing in Louisville. They put me in a group way above my level. Got my ass kicked good. Regained my dignity during the jam session. I learned a lot about drumming today. And about myself. A big shout out to Kevin Dempsey for all the jazz drumming help this year. It is really interesting to be around so many adult jazz students and college kids speaking in jazz code: Miles, Sonny, fours, groove, head, in the pocket, clave, Duke, ‘Trane, you get the picture.
A one point they pulled me out for a trio session lead by a bass player who teaches school in the Boston area and plays with my old piano teacher Ray Santisi. Small world.
I’m pleased to report they play real jazz here, no lounge music is tolerated. It is loud and fast when need be. And, we have to please are each other.
My samba was crap. I had control problems with the ride pattern when I tried to imitate the other drummers playing American style. When I went back to the old school Brazilian style things went much better.
Up tomorrow? Swing past mm=250. I’m busy trolling YouTube brushing up on uptempo swing ride technique. 
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David Story at drum kit
David Story
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