David Story Picks Up The Sticks at Aebersold Jazz Workshop Part 1: Jazz Heads and NASCAR

What will happen when a pianist/educator takes up the sticks and heads back to jazz school? Daily blog posts from the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Workshop at the University of Louisville.
Last night I enjoyed a pint with other adult jazz students. What a cool bunch; singing jazz heads at each other over the NASCAR on the TV. Most of them are enthusiastic repeat customers. I heard:
· Giant Steps

· ‘S wonderful

· Black Nile

Followed by in depth discussions on Horace Silver, Wayne Shorter, studying jazz in NYC as a retiree, and the state of jazz in the Yukon.

You get the picture.

Our table included musicians from around the world who played: drums, bass, violin, tenor sax, piano, and trumpets. Some have played a lifetime, others only a few years.

My roommate is a retired postal worker with a music education degree who is picking up his drums after a number of years off. We are comparing our technique and drum kits. We’ve decided that at high speeds he will take the high hat, I’ll take the ride. Between the two of us it should be great.

Today starts with 8 AM registration and then 2 solid days of drums and bass workshops ahead of the main event: Sunday’s dreaded audition placement and theory test followed by a week of combo sessions.

David Story

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David Story at drum kit
David Story
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