TONGUE FU Record Release – Saturday July 12th 2014

Rock N Roll is an infectious practice. At least it is for a Hamilton Ontario 6-pack called TONGUE FU.

Gord Lewis (Teenage Head), Gene Champagne (Killjoys/Junior Achiever), Rob Sweeney (Durango 95/Purple Toads), Dave Elley (Orphans/Loudmouths), Greg Brisco (Dinner Belles) & Lou Molinaro (This Ain’t Hollywood Bar owner) architecturally developed a musical entity.

Tongue Fu
“Societal challenges, heartbreaks, dementia”

What is TONGUE FU? It’s a private dimension, a galaxy if you will, that inspires creativity based on artistic influences. Names such as BLUE OYSTER CULT, ALICE COOPER GROUP, THE DICTATORS & RADIO BIRDMAN, are directional forces that inspired Tongue Fu to become a unit. However, other matters such as societal challenges, heartbreaks, dementia, a Rock N Roll Bar, infidelities and their hometown streets are just as influential in their compositions.

While these draftsmen constructed their spaceship, they searched for a Captain to guide them directly to common ground. Enter ANDY SHERNOFF Known for creating the proto-punk band THE DICTATORS, Shernoff gathered the blueprints and produced the Tongue Fu debut. Andy Shernoff knew that this capsule could only soar with one important attribute … HONESTY!

NICK BLAGONA (Deep Purple, Nazareth, April Wine) validated these musical works by tuning up the songs within his mastering workshop. Everyday struggles & trials have been part of this band’s genesis. While Tongue Fu were getting ready to start their recordings, a message was heard in their headphones that LOU REED had passed away. The death of an icon provided more motivation.

6 different backgrounds, 6 different studies, 6 different strengths all meet for one purpose – THE PRESERVATION OF ROCK N ROLL!

735790 days later, a Tongue Fu record is born.

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