How Hamilton’s Robin Benedict Will Become Famous, Part Two

As a follow-up to last week’s review of Done Deel’s lunchtime concert with Robin Benedict, I’d like to share with you some more of her background in her own words. Robin was out of town when I contacted her with these questions, but she made sure to take the time to respond thoughtfully.
GB: Can you tell me a little bit about your Canadian Idol experience? I had no idea. But it makes total sense now that I’ve heard you sing!

Canadian Idol was an early stepping stone. I was still quite self conscience (goin back to 2005) and still finding my own style and confidence. I met some great people staying at the Skydome hotel for a week and auditioning every day for the celeb judges. Not a lot of sleep, super hard on the vocals. I made it down to top 70 (the day before they chose the top 23 to sing live on television.

GB: Where would you say your vocal inspiration and training/talent comes from? Most people have got someone in their family who always was singing, etc. or they have a special singer or mentor/teacher that made a huge difference.

When I was 24 I finally decided to take vocal lessons from Ray Lyle. He taught how LITTLe I actually knew about singing and gave me an awesome foundation of technique to work with. Before that I would listen to Sarah McLaughlin and teach myself by mimicking her!I then started playing in a RocK band called Ragdoll. Jamie Cameron and Walter Cernile were amazing and helped me clean up my voice while ridding myself of some bad habits. Also, my mother and I sang in a mother/daughter choir when I was 9 till the time I was 12.

GB: Are you happy with how this year has been going, as far as gigs, feedback, opportunities go? Where do you really want to be, say, a year from now?

This year has been greater than I ever expected. I am playing 6 shows a week right now and loving it!! I am sooo lucky. Myself and the band are getting incredible feedback, it’s overwhelming! Next year I would love to be touring outside of Canada and co-writing with inspiring people!

GB: What do you think makes Hamilton unique as far as music and fans goes?

Hamilton is unique because of the wide variety of music being made here! I can’t think of two musicians in Hamilton that sound the same or write similar music. I love this city and it’s because of the support I have here that I am able to play music full time.