How The Music Industry Pulls Together To Raise Hamilton

This Spectator op-ed article by Madeline Wilson and published on November 10, 2016 hits some pretty

Photo: Suzanne Steenkist
Photo: Suzanne Steenkist

resounding chords and beautiful melody notes!

The melody is that of a beautiful city slowly but surely waking up to seeing itself and accepting itself as beautiful.

The chord being struck is a triad, with three resounding themes:

  1. Diversity, of all genres, peoples, sounds, perspectives.
  2. Respect, for musicians and musical organizations
  3. Education. Growing new musicians, and growing our next generation audience.

In my Hamilton – City of Music, these are the core values. I can relate to all three. I hope you can too!

Read the article to hear the melody in all its nuance and beauty.


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