You Don’t Owe Me A Choir

Nova Scotia teachers are now entering their second week of work-to-rule. This is the first job action undertaken by Nova Scotia teachers in 125 years.

Photo: Tom Ayers, @tomayers2262

Already, parents are piling on the abuse, implying that all of the after school extras, Christmas pageants, hockey coaching, musical concerts are part of the job and TEACHERS SHOULD SUCK IT UP AND QUIT COMPLAINING.

The best counterattack is a parent who gets it, for example, this quote:

You don’t owe me a choir for my daughter to sing in if that means you don’t get to eat lunch three times every week and miss the opportunity to recharge after dealing with over 150 students in three hours.

Educational funding is under constant pressure, country-wide. Yet how interesting that for all the extra time and effort being required of teachers to conform to standardized tests, or this, that, and the other new educational panacea, nobody is complaining that the students will miss out on that.

No, the parents see the value in all the elements of teaching that are based on human generosity, kindness, commitment and community values. The school Christmas concert is a valuable community asset. But strictly speaking, it is an extra. It is not a teaching event. Parents, you need to wake up. Teachers love their jobs, they love to be part of the community, supporting and building into the lives of children. But they will not be taken for granted and continue to push an ever bigger and heavier rock up the hill at no extra charge.

No way.

Stand firm and solid, Nova Scotia teachers. People will eventually learn, if they listen to what you are saying, and try to understand the bigger picture. They will accept the truth and you’ll achieve your goals!

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