Musicians of Boise Philharmonic (Idaho, USA) Vote to Join American Federation of Musicians

In an age where union membership is under pressure on both sides of the border, and worker’s rights are being constantly eroded, there are signs of hope and solidarity as wherever musicians stand together. By uniting together in common cause to uphold and defend the standards of the profession, musicians laying the groundwork for collective bargaining with their employers.

American Federation of Musicians president Ray Hair announced today –

“Musicians of the Boise Philharmonic voted overwhelmingly to join our union—96% voting in favour. The philharmonic management agreed yesterday to recognize AFM as the collective bargaining representative for the musicians. These musicians joined together in union to amplify their voices and have a seat at the table. Watch the Boise Philharmonic musicians announce to their audience that joining AFM is “an important step towards a bright future in which we can be heard as professionals.“

In the video below, musicians of the Boise Philharmonic addressed their audience from the stage before their first concert after voting to join the American Federation of Musicians (AFM).

Congratulations to the musicians of the Boise Philharmonic.


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