Drew of “Return For Refund” Talks about Their NEW Album

Real Talk with Dre Pao – Return For Refund (Drew)
Presented by: Greater Hamilton Musician

HAMILTON, ON — Toronto rockers “Return for Refund” are set to take over ‘the Hammer’ on April 13th at The Doors Taco Joint! The group combines the energy of metal and the blues, with influences from the grunge-era, to create a unique sound that is truly their own. The band released their newest album “Lift You Up” in late March. Return For Refund expresses a raw and organic sound that was created through their ‘live-off-the-floor’ recording of the album in Toronto, Ontario.

“I had a lot of first hand experiences in seeing a lot of different types of leadership, under very stressful circumstances..If you’re going to have a group of guys that are going to do something worth mention, it’s going to have to be a very tight run group, with a strong vision…We’ve really reached a point where the band itself is rock solid.”  — Drew (Return For Refund)
on how the Canadian Armed Forces shaped his leadership in the band.

The band members all share a mutual love for 70’s rock and are heavily influenced by some of rock music’s best, including Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath. The group prides itself on having a passion for music that is intricate and rooted in strong emotion. Their newest album “Lift You Up” is described as carrying themes of “self sacrifice, carrying out one’s duty, and taking care of people.” There are many obstacles that often come with being in a rock band and because of this, lead singer Drew describes that it is important that the group are “brothers first, who maintain love and respect for each other.” This mutual respect is what allows the band to come together on stage and transcend their performance into something that is truly packed with strength and energy. 

Be sure to come to The Doors Taco Joint in Hamilton, Ontario on Thursday April 13th to see the high energy performance by Return for Refund LIVE!

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