The Music Business Ecosystem In Five Infographics

Graphics are taken from the analysis of the New York City music industry, as recently commissioned. Until this study was completed, music was lumped in with other sectors and NYC leaders didn’t have a clear picture of just the music business.

As it turned out, the music industries in NYC generate about 4 billion dollars of direct and indirect revenue within the overall NYC economy!

Number 1: Grassroots

Do you know a musician in Hamilton who is looking for a rehearsal space? Do you know a musician who earns part of their income as a music teacher? Do you know of a local venue that is committed to providing show times for local acts? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are looking at the “grassroots” of the music industry.


Number 2: A detailed breakdown

One specific goal of the Economic Development Plan in Hamilton is to see a major film studio open or move to Hamilton. The recent opening of Long and McQuade on Barton Street East near Centennial Parkway (former site of Staples) indicates growth and un-tapped potential for Instrument Retail, and music lessons.


Number 3: The master category list

At the foundation of the music industry is music education. Teachers stand up and be proud! Looking higher up on the chart, Hamilton has need for, and is looking to attract, new music organizations and music industry infrastructure support services, as well as companies that represent the global music business. It would also be helpful to see our local commercial broadcasters continue to ramp up their involvement with our local music activity.

Number 4: Infinite Interactions and Relationships

The connecting points between individual businesses and musicians are infinite in number! This helps explain why the music business is so complex, and why it’s so different from one city to the next.

Number 5: The Lifeblood

This is the best reason to support affordable housing across the Hamilton urban area. Musicians, in general, are in the lower income category. Hamilton’s motto “to be the best place to raise a child”, should be adapted for this article to say, “the best place to be a musician, run a music business, and raise a child”!


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