Why Belong To the Musicians Union?

Short Answer: You become an active member of the Music Community.

Small Picture:

When you join the Musicians Union…

  • You join musicians who are dedicated to their art, take pride in their performance and guarantee quality with a contract.
  • You are pooling your funds with other musicians to assist each other in marketing.
  • You are supporting current collective bargaining agreements that ensure musicians are compensated for their employment and contracted guaranteed rights.
  • You are helping to create new collective bargaining agreements that will give musicians a voice in their work place and ensure fair treatment.
  • You encourage the general public to purchase live music where they will get quality at a fair price.
  • You help educate the general public on the value of live music to a community.
  • You educate yourself on what is going on in the local music business.
  • You learn how musicians interact with the greater community so that when issues come up, you can add your voice to any decisions that are made on behalf of the music community.
  • You help to create more work for musicians at a fair price.
  • You are creating an environment that encourages young musicians to develop their skills and become professionals.
  • You are continuing a tradition that establishes values for musicians.
Keeping in touch and listening to other members of the music community was the purpose of this city-sponsored music branding meeting, held in January 2016. Photo: Benjamin Washington

Big Picture:

When you join the Musicians Union…

  • You are helping to educate Local Officers so they can better represent you in your community.
  • You are supporting the rights of Artists and Performers at every level of the music business.
  • You are helping to create new international contracts that will create new payment streams for musicians.

We need to:

  1. Support each other.
  2. Encourage others to join us.
  3. Maintain communications.
  4. Take pride in our accomplishments.
  5. Work hard at building a stronger community throughout the Hamilton area region.

To inquire about becoming a member of the Hamilton Musicians Guild, phone 905-525-9040 or visit http://hamiltonmusicians.org.

Download the brochure ‘Why Join The AFM?’

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