Steel City Rovers Shares Celtic Love

Mark Fletcher, Ryan McKenna, Joel McKenna, Jess Gold, Dave Neigh
Photo: Michelle Coombs
Here’s the latest from Mark:

“As per Steel City Rovers, wow we’re really looking forward to 2015. We are nicely busy at home in Ontario through Jan. and Feb. and still adding a few dates, but we’ve already got some big bookings in the U.S. on the club/concert and festival circuits. We have a full tour looping through Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania in conjunction with the big St. Patrick’s Day run up, with the tour closing down in Pennsylvania doing a concert at Penn State Univ.’s Erie campus on St. Pat’s Day.

We have been asked to return to the International Washboard Music Festival in Logan, Ohio in June and have been confirmed as well to return to Trenton Scottish-Irish Festival. It’s their 25th anniversary, so will be a big weekend.
Anyhow, we’re pretty pumped. The group continues to write and create new music, our big push aside from gigs in 2015 will be to get airplay. I think we finally have some work worthy of the Internet radio/Public radio and CBC 2 type markets… here’s hoping!
Anyhow cheers!”


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