The List Of Guests and Panelists for Music Career Day Is Blowing My Mind

Six hundred high school students and their teachers are poised to attend the first-ever Music Career Day Hamilton. The one-day conference at Mohawk College is sponsored by the City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Department through the recommendation of the Hamilton Music Advisory Team.

The planning committee for this event has exceeded all expectations exceedingly well. This is an absolutely stellar list of local music industry people.

Read their bios below. (Links all go to the Mohawk College event page.)

This group of guests and panelists represents the vast diversity and depth of talent in our local music scene, and it also illustrates the complexity and multitude of gainful, exciting employment opportunities that can be found in the music business.

The Hamilton Music Advisory Team (HMAT) in its advisory role to the City of Hamilton proposed a music career event early last year. HMAT volunteer member Kurt Mueller just so happens to be the Associate Dean of Media and Entertainment at Mohawk College. Mueller has taken the bull by the horns and brought together all the people, plans, and pieces necessary for an exciting, relevant conference. Many students from the college media studies programs are assisting in the event’s production. Thank-you Kurt and team!

Can’t wait for next Tuesday’s event!

Aisha Barrow

aisha barrow_0.jpg

Alex Whorms


Amy Di Nino



André Bisson


Andrea Carvalho

andrea carvalho_0.png

Brad Machry

Brent Malseed

Brent Malseed.jpg

Brodie Schwendiman


C.J. Allen 

CJ Allen.jpg

Derek Wilson

Derek Wilson.jpg

Diana Weir 

DW Lo res headshot.jpg

Dre Pao

Dre Pao_0.jpg

Dusty Micale


Graham Rockingham

Janna Malseed

Janna Malseed.jpg

Jamshed Turel

Ji Hyun Hong 

ji hyun Hong.png

Joshua Couture


Judy Marsales
Judy Marsales_1.jpg

Kelly Kereliuk
Kelly Kereliuk_0.jpg

Kojo Easy Damptey

Kojo Easy Damptey_0.jpg

Larry Feudo



Les Palango


Lily Sazz

Lily Sazz_0.jpg

Lisa La Rocca

lisa larocca.jpg

Lori Yates

Lori Yates_1.jpg

Lou Molinaro 


Mark Furukawa

Mark Furukawa_2018_03_03.jpg

Mark McNeil 
Mark McNeil MCDH.jpeg

Mary-Jane Russell

MJ 2015 MLJ photo_0.jpg

Michael Brown

Michael Brown.jpg

Michael Keire
Michael Keire.jpg

“Parkside” Mike Renaud

Mike Cole
Mike1_5x7 (2)_0.JPG

Nathan Fleet
Nathan Fleet_0.jpg

Nicola Moore

Nicola Moore_0.jpg

Pat Collins

Peter Maurin

Robert Missen

Robert Missen.jpg

Stacey Ottman


Steph Copeland

steph copeland_0.jpg

Stephanie Vegh


Tristan Miller
Tristan Miller - Profile Shot.jpg

Tristyn Vaughan 

Tristyn Vaughan - Profile Shot.jpg

Vel Omazic



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