Tia McGraff with Tommy Parham on the Barber Shop Podcast: Check out “Movin’ The Smoke Away” at 38:35

The story Tia shared goes like this:
“We were in LA for a few days working on some songwriting with Kevin Fisher. On the morning of our working session we woke up to the smell of smoke. Our host was burning waffles in the kitchen. ‘Don’t mind me Tommy, I’m moving the smoke away!’ he shouted. And that’s the idea Tia took into the studio to work with. Here’s what came out of it. (Go to 38:35 in the video)
Thanks to the songwriters of the world who can do this!
You can just see it comin’ there’s trouble ahead
No use in runnin’ or tryin’ to pretend
Sometimes there’s fire to face at the end of the day
Try to contain it but it’s out of your hands
You’re caught in the thick of your best-laid plans
Best you can is keep movin’ the smoke away
You’ve got keep believin’
That you can keep on breathin’
When all your seein’ are ashes and flames
Keep movin’ the smoke away
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