We Are Musicians

We Are Musicians

by Glen T Brown

We are the stewards of ceremony and celebration, love and leisure. We preside like wizards and jesters over every solemn, ceremonial, happy or crazy occasion.

We are servants of the highest and lowest sort.

We are accustomed to the places of happy leisure, solemn suffering, formal beauty, ceremonial rigor, and reckless release.

We accept and embrace the mysteries of artistic pursuit and the human spirit.

We, in our song, speak to your soul and set your imagination free. Our energy, emotion and rhythm coaxes or impels you into motion. Our sensitivity melts you to tears. Our collective force expels your demons or renews your hope.

We are sculptors of sound. Our voices and our instruments tease the air molecules, set them vibrating and, wonder of wonders, send them like invisible, ghostly flyers to your waiting eardrums.

We are few in comparison to the many. But, thankfully, we are not rare.

We embody the music we’re making: the song, the idea, the beauty, the blending, the rhythm, the dynamics. It all fills us up and animates us. As we enjoy its effects in the moment of its creation, our pool of sound overflows and that is the very same moment we send it to you.

We are forever in debt to our friends who support us in our work. Our instrument makers, sound engineers, lighting technicians, stage people, costume providers, managers, promoters and event makers. The poets, authors, painters, dancers. And our friends. Thank you for enabling us in so many ways. We do well as you do well.

We are musicians.

We love doing this. When it comes to being useful in the world, there is nothing we would rather be doing than making music.

We are musicians.

© Glen T Brown, September 9, 2012

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