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If you are doing Music in Hamilton, Canada, talk to me!

Glen Brown, Owner

Ongoing Projects

Documenting, supporting, and forming partnerships local businesses and artists.

Professional writing services.

Publishing music industry news, events, and photography.

Writing for personal fulfilment

Are you a writer or photographer covering local music? Talk to me.

What is Glen’s World?

  • The ‘Glen’s World‘ email list is how Glen corresponds regularly with all kinds of people about his projects.
  • is where music venues may list events for a reasonable fee, but artists may list events for free (see below).
  • …is where music businesses and artists in the Hamilton area tell their stories and expand their audiences and businesses through HamiltonMusician.com.
  • …is a positive space that provides a place for freedom of expression, regular sharing of ideas and inviting your feedback. 
  • …is where music industry issues and opportunities are discussed and promoted.
  • …is where good food reviews and an occasional recipe or cooking video may randomly appear (because, food).
  • …is where Glen shares and promotes his fictional writing at Substack’s “Hanging In The Balance“. Glen is working on his first novel.


Glen has:
→ Over 15 years of experience as a project innovator, grant writer, and fundraiser.
→ Three times publisher of Hamilton Musician magazine.
→ Experienced teacher of music, computers, and visual arts.
→  Over 10 years of experience in management and direction of not-for-profits.
→ Active union member (25 years) of Elementary Teachers Federation and Canadian Federation of Musicians (10 years).
Musicians and Bands in Hamilton, Ontario – Read this!

You can list your upcoming show or music release for FREE on HamiltonMusician.com.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Get on board! Click GlenB.me and sign up for Glen’s World emails. 
  2. Wait for your confirmation email and welcome email. (If you’re already on the list, use the same email that you signed up with to correspond to me.)
  3. Write up your announcement and email to glen [at] glenb.me including credited photos. 
  4. Headline is up to me (haha).
  5. If you want me to write up your blurb I’m happy to do it for a nominal rate of $35/hr.
  6. If this freaks you out, no worries, go find somebody else to help you promote your work.
  7. When your post is published at hamiltonmusician.com, share the carp out of it.
  8. Here’s an example of an event already posted: 

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