Global Music Cities Forum sets up Hamilton’s 2022 Supercrawl

The Music Cities organization “aims to educate on the value of music, and showcase the best uses of music by individuals, organizations and cities all over the world.”

Events created by Music Cities include international and national music industry conventions, music industry forums, and an annual awards program.

Music Cities Forum will be travelling to Hamilton, Ontario, on September 7-8 2022 for its 4th global edition. The event is presented by Sonic Unyon, City of Hamilton, and Supercrawl Productions.

Press release: “Join us for one day of talks and presentations, live music and networking opportunities. We’ll be discussing Hamilton’s recently released Music Industry Study, and exploring how the city’s growing and diverse music scene fits into the city’s plans for economic and social development.

“With Canada being the 8th largest music market in the world,  Ontario is a consistent leader in the national music industry, home to 44% of the nation’s music publishing and recording jobs. Hamilton’s local music scene is a growing, dynamic and eclectic mix of songwriters, musicians, producers, performers and live performances.

“Hamilton is increasingly known as a destination for music, the city boasts a strong, collaborative and diverse music industry that offers a solid base for continued growth, collaboration and celebration.

Topics to be covered

  • Music & economic development,
  • Hamilton’s music ecosystem,
  • How to maximize the role of music in education, health, night time economy and real estate,
  • Best global music cities practices,
  • How to use music for community building,
  • And more.

Who should attend?

​”City leaders, musicians, festival/event directors, real estate professionals, economic development professionals, academics, music industry professionals, night-time economy managers, culture officers, non-profit leaders, for-profit executives, tourism directors and anyone else with an interest or focus on how music is instrumental in creating vibrant and sustainable cities.”

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