Photo Feature – Official Release Party for Hamilton Musician Magazine 2013, feat. Lori Yates

Photos by Bill Watson, Ric Taylor, Philip Perron.

The launch party of Hamilton Musician, 2013 edition, celebrated the energy and community of the Hamilton music scene. The Baltimore House venue on King William Street set the tone perfectly. Several local performers took the stage, including students from Mohawk College Applied Music Program, Duane Rutter, Sarah Beatty with Gord Simpson, and the Brenda Brown Jazz Trio.

Lori Yates took the stage for the featured set. She included several of her well-known musical accomplices including Patricia-Lynn “Buckshot” Bebee, Chris Altmann on pedal steel, Duane Rutter, and Mary Simon.

The Baltimore House on King William has got to be one of the
coolest rooms in the city. Photo: Bill Watson

Brenda Brown joined Mohawk College jazz trio for “I Don’t Talk
to Strangers.” Photo: Bill Watson

Patricia Lynn Bebee aka Buckshot, was one of Lori Yates’
special guests. Photo: Bill Watson

Buckshot Bebee and Lori Yates have performed as “The Evelyn Dycks”
Photo: Bill Watson

Chris Altmann on pedal steel, Lori Yates. Photo: Bill Watson

Chris Altmann, Lori Yates, Duane Rutter. Photo: Philip Perron

That’s Nurck Bison on drums back there. Photo: Bill Watson

Creative team for Greater Hamilton Musician magazine: Cormac Figgis
Glen Brown, Jeffrey Martin. Photo: Bill Watson

Duane Rutter will have a new album for release very soon.
Photo: Bill Watson

Glen Brown, publisher and editor-in-chief. Photo: Ivan Sorensen

Lori Yates. Photo: Ivan Sorensen

“You’re gonna make me cry,” she said. But she didn’t 🙂
Photo: Bill Watson

Mohawk College jazz trio bassist Olivia Brown.
Photo: Ivan Sorensen
Bill Watson presents his photo print, donated by Harrison Kennedy, to
winner Darren Magierowski of Jukasa Studios.
Photo: Bill Watson’s camera
Chalk Art. Photo: Ric Taylor

Buckshot Bebee, Ric Taylor, Sarah Beatty, Heather Mueller, Lori Yates.
Photo: Ric Taylor’s camera

Dan Medokovic and Kevin Barber compare beard tones.
Photo: Ric Taylor

Photo: Ric Taylor

Another of Lori’s special guests: Mary Simon.
Photo: Ric Taylor
Tracee Lee-Holloway. Photo: Ric Taylor

Two more special guests: Sarah Beatty and Gord Simpson.
Gord has been seen “busking opera” during art crawl.
Photo: Ric Taylor
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