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Real Talk with Dre Pao – Toito
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HAMILTON, ON — Canadian Music Week is fast approaching and we at Greater Hamilton Musician can not be more excited! The top artists, labels, publishers from around the world will travel to Toronto, starting on April 18, to collaborate, perform, and discuss the latest news and trends in the music industry. One of the artists that will be performing during the week is recording artist, songwriter, producer, Toito. The Hamilton-born artist will be a part of the Higher Reign Showcase on April 18th, at the Drake Underground (1150 Queen St. West), in Toronto. Toito takes the stage at 9:40pm!

Toito’s song ‘Fool’ has over 300,000 hits on YouTube (see below)

Following years of honing his craft and creating song covers online, Toito released his debut single Fool last year after a signing a deal with Higher Reign Music Group. The Canadian singer’s single has harnessed over 600,000 combined views and earned him a spot at the “Festival d’été de Québec” (FEQ) alongside fellow Higher Reign artist Lucky Rose. Toito explains that his intention with Fool was to create a song that was universally relatable to those in a relationship. He speaks about “vulnerability” and explains that the song incorporates themes stemming from some of his own personal experiences. Although the idea of being vulnerable often has a ‘serious’ connotation associated with it, Toito explains that Fool’s purpose was to express that vulnerability can have an aspect of excitement. His ultimate goal was to simply make people dance and have a good time.

Although Toito’s career has taken him around Canada, the Ontario native says he always has love for his hometown of Hamilton. Toito explains that he has learned the most from what he calls “failures”, and advises rising artists to learn from their “mistakes”. He admits that “Hamilton is a tough city to sell in Pop” and joking asks for the city to “Give Pop a Chance”. Although Hamilton seems very “indie-alternative” driven, he believes that the way to help a wider-variety of genres become accepted by the city is by connecting with people and showing them a message within your art.

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Canadian Music Week 2017
Higher Reign Showcase

Tuesday April 18
The Drake Underground

1150 Queen St. W, Toronto

Toito takes the stage at 9:40pm

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