Music Supervisor Dondrea Erauw of Instinct Entertainment Talks About Song Syncs, The Role of...

“At the end of the day, it’s important for artists to stay true to their art...When artists are more genuine to what they want to write about, that tends to be what we end up licensing...because it’s natural, and it doesn’t feel forced.” — Dondrea Erauw

Brandon Bizior Talks About Canadian Music Week, Hamilton, Songwriting, The Music Industry & MORE!

Real Talk with Dre Pao – Brandon Bizior Presented by: Greater Hamilton Musician HAMILTON, ON — Greater Hamilton Musician is dedicated to highlighting some of the...

Gabrielle Giroux of ‘The Wolfe’ Talks about CBC Searchlight Top 4 and MORE!

The Wolfe’s CBC Searchlight song submission titled “Dumb Dog” is a catchy tune that brings light to a relatively serious topic in a fun way. Guitarist/Vocalist Gabrielle Giroux explained that being in an all-girl band has had its challenges. The song touches upon various obstacles that the band had to overcome in order to prove themselves.